Slag Grinders - Deburring Machines

We sell Weber slag grinders and deburring machines. If you need a grinding and deburring machine,
please call us OR fill out our simple form and we will help you get what you need.


This is a surface finisher for metal coils and metal sheets. This WEBER machine creates perfect grinding patterns.


WEBER NLCA Wet Deburring Machine

This deburring machine is excellent for grinding and deburring smaller parts that also require strong edge rounding with higher throughput speeds.

Weber NLCA Wet Deburring Machine

WEBER TTK Deburring Machine

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This deburring machine comes with 1 or 2 grinding stations, variable feed speed (3.5-35 m/min) and a grinding belt length of 1900 mm.
Quickly select grinding stations with simple "i-Touch" controller.


WEBER TTSC Grinding and Deburring

The grinding rollers on this machine are designed to grind and remove burrs from flat parts. This grinder/deburring machine is typically used for thin sheet metal parts.

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In the News

Franek Laser and Fab Systems of Minnesota Now Sells RMT Fiber Laser Machines for CNC Plate Cutting, Beveling and Fabrication

MINNEAPOLIS-BLOOMINGTON, MN -- April 22, 2015 -- Franek Laser and Fab Systems announced today that they have been named an official representative of Revolution Machine Tools, Inc., suppliers of world class CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines. Franek Laser sells several brands of industrial equipment including CNC CO2 laser cutters, oxyfuel, plasma cutting machines, CNC controls and more.

"We are pleased to represent Revolution Machine Tools," said Duane Franek, President of Franek Laser & Fab Systems. "The RMT line up is solid and covers a large part of the CNC fiber laser cutting market. These machines use the NUKON laser system which is known for it's durability with a proven track record in our industry."

See the full press release...

RMT ECO Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Systems
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