Plasma, Oxy-Fuel, CO2 and Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

Taillift Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

The Tailift Fanuc Series Fiber Laser Plate Cutting machines are High-Performance, High Speed, Precise Accuracy and High Quality for industrial plate cutting.
See the Fiber Laser Machines


PCS Plasma/Oxyfuel Machines

PCS Plasma Cutting Machine

We offer several different levels of systems fitted to match a your needs.
Example: bevel head, drill and tap head and machining.
Let us know what you need - Give us a call. We will help you find the right system.
See our Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Machines

Dust Collectors/Air Filtration Products

Keller Vario Fume and Dust Filtration Systems

Various systems to handle:
• Thermal cutting processes
• Welding Smoke and Fume processes
• Mist - oil and water soluable
• Grinding dust - Explosive Dust (explosion proof)
• Painting systems (wet and powder coat)
See the Keller Air Filters


Grinding/Sanding-Edge Conditioning

Weber Metal Grinding Machines

Various system configurations:
• Sanding Belt only
• Belt / Double Rotation Brush
• Double Brush / Scotch Brite drum
• NEW MRB systems
• Wet or Dry dust collection systems
• Belt / Double Brush / Abrasive Belt
   (or Scotch Brite Belt)
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