Keller Air Purification


Franek Laser represents Keller, one of the leaders in dust and fume exhaust/extraction and air filtration systems.
Whatever your need for air filtering, if you do not see what meets your need give us a call OR fill out our simple form and we will contact you.

- NEW -

Keller AmbiTower

Keller's AmbiTower is beneficial in situations without ductwork. The AmbiTower collects dirty ambient air (i.e. welding fumes) and returns clean air into the workplace using a low velocity. Sturdy and durable 12 gauge industrial design:
- Protection - Energy Savings

- NEW -

HydronPlus -
a compact wet separator

Ideal solution for the separation and cleaning of process exhaust air from mixed materials or with combustible, explosive, or adhesive risks.
This filter is designed for placement at the workstation with clean-air recirculation.
Keller HydronPlus Filtration

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