Keller Dust Collectors and Air Filtration Products

Franek Laser represents Keller, one of the leaders in dust and fume exhaust/extraction and air filtration systems.
Whatever your need for air filtering, if you do not see what meets your need give us a call OR fill out our simple form and we will contact you.

Keller Vario Extractor

The Vario dust and fume extractor has modular design and is the solution for extracting the fine dust created by many pipe/tube and other industrial processes. These units are sturdy and provide air filtration efficiency with a low-noise output.
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L-Cut Filtering System

The L-Cut filter series has been designed for dust and fume collection caused by thermal processes using laser, plasma or gases. The L-Cut separates the finest of metal-oxide particles from the air, yet these units are compact and able to be installed in tight spaces. The KSE spark pre-separator is integrated into the housing of the unit.
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Keller L-Cut Series

Mobile Welding Fume Collector

This welding fume extractor is perfect for mobile welding work stations. The unit provides high airflow even with the largest volumes of welding exhaust. The air is filtered with 99.9% efficiency.
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ProBran® | Y-Filter

The ProBran filters are highly efficient, giving filtration quality that has been tested under the most stringent guidelines and circumstances.
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Keller ProBran Y-Filter Collector Collector
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