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We have over 35 years of industry experience with industrial plasma, CO2 and laser cutting systems.
Franek Laser represents several laser cutting and fabrication manufacturers, offering machine sales and services across the USA and Canada. Franek Laser also sells pre-owned and reconditioned industrial equipment.

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Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

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Rofin SM Laser System Boards

These are pre-owned and tested Circuit Boards for Rofin-Sinar SM CO2 Laser. For Control P.C. rack and the SMPS (switch Mode Power Supply, IGBT type).
We have both versions of both boards - available with a WARRANTY.

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In the News

Franek Laser Announces New Keller Air Filtration Systems for Welding and Fabrication Shops in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin

MINNEAPOLIS MN -- December 14, 2017 -- Franek Laser Systems of Minnesota announced today the availability of New product offerings from Keller Air Purification Systems.

"Keller is a world leader in air purification," said Duane Franek, President of Franek Laser Systems. "We are excited to offer these two new filtration-purification machines to companies with welding and fabrication operations."

Keller has two new Air Purification Machines:
The AmbiTower is beneficial in situations without ductwork, and the HydronPlus - the ideal solution for the separation and cleaning of process exhaust air from mixed materials or with combustible, explosive, or adhesive risks.

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