CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment Eau Claire

We are an official dealer of Nukon Metal Plate Fabrication Machines and we have a variety of fiber laser cutting systems.
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Nukon Metal Plate Fabrication CNC Fiber Laser Cutting, Beveling Machines

NF Pro Series - Features

• Manufactured up to 80ft in length
• User-friendly, automatic focus cutting head
• Modular Structure Resonator
• Environmentally friendly - low power consumption
• ISO-9001 TSE rated

Nukon NF Pro Series - Features Eau Claire

ECO Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This ECO Series fiber laser machine has the smallest footprint of any Nukon machine. It uses the least power AND is economically priced!
This machine is perfect for cutting thin sheet metal or Galvanized sheets.
The Eco Fiber Laser cuts faster with much smaller tolerances, giving a greater cost savings per part.

Nukon ECO Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Eau Claire

REX Fiber Laser Series

The REX Fiber Laser has no problems with soft or reflective metals! This machine is highly useful for cutting advertising, decorations, lighting, and other applications requiring metal processing. Custom cut sheet metal jobs are quick and easy with this machine!

Rex 315 Series Fine Line Plasma Cutting Machines Eau Claire

In the News

Franek Laser and Profile Cutting Systems-USA are Now Official Representatives of Nukon Fiber Laser Machines for CNC Plate Cutting, Beveling and Fabrication

MINNEAPOLIS MN - SAN JOSE, CA -- January 14, 2016 -- Franek Laser and Profile Cutting Systems-USA announced today that they are now official representatives of Nukon, supplier of world class CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines. Franek Laser and PCS-USA sells several brands of industrial equipment including Nukon CNC laser cutters, oxyfuel, plasma cutting machines, CNC controls and more.

"We are pleased to represent Nukon USA," said Duane Franek, President of Franek Laser Systems. "The Nukon line up equipment impressive and covers a large part of the CNC fiber laser cutting market. Nukon machines are known for durability and have a proven track record in our industry."

See the full press release...

Nukon ECO Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Systems
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  Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Eau Claire
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Eau Claire
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Eau Claire
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Eau Claire
CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Eau Claire
CNC Fiber Laser Equipment Eau Claire MN
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