Plasma Plate Cutting Software

We will work with your company to fully utilize our customized cutting software.
This kind of customized cutting software has become a critical part of the productivity environment in the industry. This PCS software has a range of pre-configured applications, but can then be customized to fit your specific needs.

PCS Plate Alignment App

The PCS Plate Alignment App allows you to store plate information:

  • Plate ID
  • Plate location on cutting table
  • Plate dimensions
  • Plate angle

  • PCS Custom Cutting Software stores plate dimensions and angle on the cutting table. This saves time - the operator does not need to "teach" a plate angle via the Burny RUN screen. There is also has a "Test" function to quickly check that the plate's angle has not changed. If the laser pointer deviates, the operator jogs the laser back to the correct path and the plate angle is automatically re-calculated.

    When the GOTO Plate is pressed, the machine will jog to the plate's home location and automatically update the dimension and angle in the Burny RUN screen.

    PCS Drilling Interface

    This interface is a complete software solution for high-end drilling. It controls the PCS drilling heads from 8HP to 60HP and has several functions:

  • Automatic Tool Changer control
  • Drilling Parameter Library
  • Machine Diagnostics
  • And much more...
  • High Speed Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Counter boring/Counter sinking

  • The software package has a fully interactive library and stores tooling parameters for standardized results - it does not matter who is operating the machine. The library contains tool usage logs and is password protected.

    PCS TurboGAS

    A user-friendly automatic gas console for CNC Oxy/Fuel cutting machines. The PCS TurboGAS package allows anyone to operate an Oxy/Fuel machine with standardized results.

    This application is designed to work with Burny 10 LCD, XL and Phantom controllers. The "smart pierce" setup can be configured to ramp up the cutting oxygen at a predefined rate to efficiently preheat and pierce heavy plate in seconds.

    The TurboGAS can also be retrofitted to an existing machine.

    PCS Downdraft Table App

    The PCS App allows the machine operator to customize the zoned fume extraction doors. Zones can "overlap" and off delays can be input via the CNC controller. The exhaust fan can be controlled (turned on/off) automatically. These features give the operator an efficient fume extraction process.


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