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We have over 35 years of industry experience with Industrial Plasma, CO2 and Fiber Laser Cutting Systems.
Franek Laser can assist your company with purchasing any products from PCS, Keller, Tailift and Weber for sales and services across the USA and Canada.

Plasma/Oxyfuel Machines

HiDensity Plasma Cutting Machine

Keller Air Filtration Products

Keller Vario-6 Air Filtration System

Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

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Weber Metal Grinding Machines

Tailift Fiber Laser Industrial Plate Cutting machines, manufactured in Japan, are known for high-performance, precise accuracy and extremely high quality. Tailift machine bodies are fully covered with safety glass for a high level of operator safety. All machines are also equipped with a Dust Collection System, and a fully enclosed splash guard.

PCS Plasma cutting machines, manufactured in Australia, incorporates the latest in high definition plasma technology. All PCS Plasma machines have durable rack, rail and pinion components; this keeps precision cuts possible where machines manufactured in other countries begin to lose precision as they age.
PCS machines are installed qualified dealers in the USA. Franek Laser can assist in your installation with their years of experience.

Keller, USA sets the industry standard for providing clean air in the industrial workplace. Manufacturers invest in the occupational health of employees and thus the quality of their products with Keller air filtration systems.
These systems combine optimum collection of air pollutants with industry standard filtration technologies.

WEBER America machines are setting industrial standards in metal grinding quality and technology. WEBER manufactures industrial machines for grinding, sanding and deburring. These machines help metal fabrication companies become more efficient with finishing their products and services around the world. WEBER engineers are pushing the industry forward in all mechanical, electrical and electronic functions on WEBER machines.

In the News

Franek Laser Announces New Keller Air Filtration Systems for Welding and Fabrication Shops in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin

MINNEAPOLIS MN -- Franek Laser Systems of Minnesota represents Keller Air Purification Systems. "Keller is a world leader in air purification," said Duane Franek, President of Franek Laser Systems. "We are excited to offer these two new filtration-purification machines to companies with welding and fabrication operations."

Keller has two new Air Purification Machines:
The AmbiTower is beneficial in situations without ductwork, and the HydronPlus - the ideal solution for the separation and cleaning of process exhaust air from mixed materials or with combustible, explosive, or adhesive risks.

See ALL of the Keller Equipment

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